The Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society
Logging Tank Car 
by Chuck Doan

Here are a few pictures of one of my more ambitious scratch building projects, an On3 freelanced logging tank car. The flat car was pretty simple, but the tank was another story. I started with a solid acrylic rod (only after I was done did I realize the rod made the car so heavy, it was almost too much for a loco to pull!) I embossed rivets into separate segments of .005 styrene using a home made rivet tool mounted in a (non-running) drill press. I scrapped so many wrappers, I must have kept Evergreen in business buying all those replacement sheets! Each segment was applied in a prototypical overlapping manner. While I was pleased with the end result, my railroad will have to make due with one scratch built tank car! A construction article and a plan of this car was published in the Jan/Feb 1993 Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.


Chuck Doan

March 2005


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